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Course Structure


The Course Structure


The Class Framework

A structured course offers clarity, organization, and progression, helping students effectively manage their time, stay focused, and achieve comprehensive learning goals. It provides a roadmap for success, ensuring thorough coverage, engagement, and evaluation.


  1. Basic Framework and understanding via Concept Building Classes: Establish a strong foundation and comprehensive understanding of the subject through concept-building classes, guaranteeing a firm grasp of fundamental concepts. These classes cover essential topics from History NCERTs, including periodization and other crucial historical knowledge.
  2. Targeting 50 Marks via Map Section: Direct your attention to the map section, aiming to secure the highest marks and improve overall performance. By prioritizing this area, you can avoid missing out on easy but often ignored section in History Optional.
  3. Building Knowledge base via Core Concept Classes: Embark on an immersive journey through core concept classes to establish a robust knowledge foundation. Explore key topics, historiography, high-end concepts, and analysis, fostering a comprehensive and well-rounded perspective crucial for achieving success in History Optional.
  4. Continuous Assessment and evaluation Via Test Series.: Engage in a rigorous assessment and evaluation process with our foundation test series, offering invaluable feedback and pinpointing areas for improvement to optimize your preparation. The test series program, an integral part of the Foundation course, provides a convenient and comprehensive solution for students, all in one place.
  5. Holistic Mentorship Support for overall success: Benefit from continuous mentorship support by a team of experienced mentors and academic experts, dedicated to guiding and assisting you towards overall success. Our comprehensive mentorship extends beyond History Optional, covering the entire UPSC CSE exam, ensuring necessary guidance throughout your journey.


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